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Mission Journal
February-March 2009

Harry L. Whitt

March 2009

We just recently returned from a successful mission trip to Haiti arriving home on March 2, 2009.  Going on this trip were David Powell, POM Board Member; Blake Gilbreath, Mission Director for Harvest Evangelism; Henry McNeal, pastor of Oasis of Faith Church of God in Christ in Biloxi, Mississippi; and Harry Whitt.

We visited our school on our first day speaking to all the classes.  After morning classes the children were assembled together outside under the mango trees for a lunch of rice and beans with a topping of legumes (vegetable mixture).  We also handed out the Christmas CareBoxes.  We had shipped the boxes on November 12, 2008 on their journey to a Ft. Lauderdale dock; then on a cargo ship to Haiti; then through Haitian customs and finally trucked to Leogane.  They arrived in Leogane about mid-January.  Pastor Baptiste kept them for our visit as it was only weeks away.  The children were excited and blessed to receive their gifts.

We had raised extra funds prior to the trip for a rice distribution.  Beginning on Saturday, we distributed about 3,000 pounds of rice with most families receiving about two gallons of rice.  I really appreciate the folks from Oasis of Faith Church of God in Christ in Biloxi, MS; New Bethel FCM Church in Hokes Bluff, AL and New Life  Christian Center in Boaz, AL for contributing to the food distribution.  It is hard for us American’s to understand the desperation we saw on peoples’ faces who came out for two gallons of rice.

One day we journeyed through the Buteau area by foot making our way among the people.  Many of the people live in small houses built from homemade cement blocks.  Along the seashore many of the people live in huts of wood with thatched roofs.  As we traveled we gave out candy and Creol language gospel tracts.  The people were excited to see us especially the children.

Sunday we arrived at church with worship already in full force with a full house.  We joined the congregation in worship to the same Jesus.  In the Creol language, Jesus is Jezu (pronounced somewhat like Jay-Ze) and God is Bon Dye (Bon D-’Yeh).  It is a wonderful experience to be in a strange land among people of a strange language yet feel the familiar touch of the Holy Spirit.  Our spirits swelled as their voices filled the atmosphere with the praises of our God.  Pastor Henry McNeal preached a wonderful message of encouragement to the people through our translator Roody Joseph.

Pastor Fritznel Baptiste is a wonderful pastor of the church and overseer of the school.  His assistant is Pastor Lavache who is an associate pastor at the church and serves as principal of the school.  Pastor Baptisite took very good care of us, transporting us to all the places we needed to be and purchasing supplies.

As always we enjoyed some great Haitian cuisine of rice and bean sauce, chicken, beet salad, picleze (a spicy slaw), and fried plantain.
We stayed in guest rooms at an American Mennonite Children’s Home (Blue Ridge International) and ate supper with them each night.  We appreciate so much Lysner and Dorothea Jean as our hosts at the children’s home.