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Pathway Outreach Ministries, Inc. is dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by making disciples of all the nations.  We strive to be a witness of the salvation in Jesus Christ to the world and to teach believers in the pathway of true discipleship.


We strive to accomplish our mission by our involvement in the following:

1. Reaching the Unreached

Using every possible means and assistance to reach every individual with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. Jail and Prison Outreaches

Evangelize and disciple persons incarcerated.

3. Critical Area Outreach

Evangelize and disciple persons in areas of high crime and poverty.

4. Equipping Individuals and Churches

Provide assistance, education and cooperation in effective mission outreaches, mission support and mission education.

5. Cooperation with Other Christian Organizations

Cooperating with other organizations to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

6. Promoting the Work of Missions

Motivate believers for effective evangelism and mission support.

7. Provide Support for Individuals and Groups

Provide assistance in obtaining and/or administration of prayer, physical and financial support for missionary workers.

8. Publication & Distribution of Christian Literature

Provide assistance by publishing or distributing written materials to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

9. Church Planting and Development

Planting and development of sovereign churches throughout the world.

10. Assistance with Physical and Material Needs

Provide assistance with needs, of physical and material nature, in critical need areas.