Supported Affiliate Ministries

Centre de L’Eglise Chretienne: Christian church that is located in Bossier, Haiti and was planted in 1999. Pastor Fritznel Baptiste is the pastor.

Centre D’Etudes Elischama: Christian school in Bossier, Haiti. It was founded in 2004 and has approximately 400 students in primary grades. Pastor Fritznel Baptiste heads up the school.

Supported Partnership Ministries

We have partnership ministries in four other countries of the world. Most of these ministers, churches, and ministries are in restricted countries. We do not post their information and personal pictures so that they and their ministry are not endangered.

Affiliate Ministries

Eglise Porte Etroite: Haitian church located in Albertville, Alabama. It is the first Haitian church in Marshall County, Alabama and it is self-supporting. Pastor Johny Pierre Charles is the pastor.

New Life Christian Center, located in Sardis City, Alabama is an independent congregation that is affiliated with Pathway Outreach. Pastor Loyce Bradley Petrey is the pastor. You can connect with New Life here.

Spiritually Connected Churches and Individuals

There are a number of churches and individuals in the United States and abroad who are spiritually connected with us in the Kingdom of God. Many of them financially support Pathway Outreach Ministries. They also participate in our ministries, encourage us, and pray for us. We are children of the same Father, followers of the same Son, and led and indwelt by the same Spirit.

Preaching and Teaching Ministry

The preaching and teaching ministry of Harry Whitt is by appointment basis. If you would like to schedule him to preach, teach, or present a mission program please contact him. You can connect with Harry here.

Mercy Ministry

Our Mercy Ministry involves the assistance and support of poor widows around the world. We assist about 35 widows each month.

Home Missions

We have a weekly jail ministry where we minister in a local jail sharing the Word of God and the love of Jesus with the inmates. This ministry is in the Boaz City Jail in Boaz, Alabama.

We provide some food assistance in our local area.

We provide discipleship on a local basis with individuals.


We provide assistance and information to individuals, churches, and groups concerning international missions, poverty, church organization, evangelism, discipleship, biblical education, and outreach. You can connect with us here.


We organize and facilitate a Good Friday CrossWalk that spans 31 miles and engages the participation of different participants and churches in Etowah and Marshall Counties in Alabama.

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