Journey Update: November 2022

November is here and, in a few weeks, turkey will be on the menu. I know you are not waiting for the turkey carving before you are thankful. Several years ago, I latched onto a prayer-phrase I heard from a friend, “Lord, give me a grateful heart.” The scripture in Philippians 4:6 (NKJV) encourages us, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.”

In our present world, there are many things that could induce anxiety in our lives, but there are so many other things of which we can be thankful. I am thankful for you! The very fact you receive this letter is evidence of your effect on my life and ministry. Thank you! Your prayers and generous financial support are evidence of your compassion and love. Everything we receive is received with thanksgiving and never taken for granted.

Our ministry in Haiti continues under dangerous and difficult conditions. Pastor Baptiste and the staff at the church and school continue to work assisting the folks in their area. The country is very insecure with gang activity. Transportation and distribution of goods is drastically hampered. Prices have gone through the roof. Rice in recent past years was about $24 for a 25-kilogram bag (55 pounds). Now it is about $40. The common folks are in survival mode and people die every day from the violence and abject poverty.

Inflation in Haiti is at a very high rate. I remember several years ago when the exchange rate was about 1 US Dollar to 65 Haitian Gourdes, now it is about 1 USD to 130 HTG.

We purchased a good quantity of rice, and the school staff bagged it in smaller bags and distributed it to the families of the students. Here is a verbatim sample of Pastor Baptiste’s communication with me, “It is up to me thank you because you have made me useful in the [our] area, still today you contribute in Haiti despite the difficulty, thank you very much!” I include his exact words because his thanks to me is his thanks to those of you who help us.

I am thankful for the opportunities to minister in various churches. In October, I preached at Eglise Porte Etroite (Haitian church in Albertville, Alabama) where five people accepted Christ. I also led a Bible discussion there on the same Sunday night. On October 30th, I was blessed to preach at New Life Christian Center (Sardis City, Alabama).

Upcoming engagements:
November 27 – Church Anniversary Celebration at Eglise Porte Etroite (Albertville, Alabama).
December 4 – Preaching at Cave Springs Baptist Church (Attalla, Alabama).
January 1 – Preaching at New Life Christian Center (Sardis City, Alabama).

Our work in the Kingdom of God reaches directly here in the United States and into five other countries. We have affiliated and partnership ministries in these six countries where we share the spiritual bread of the Gospel and physical bread to feed the poor.

Our blog reaches into about 45 different countries and has steadily grown over the years. We are trying to share the message of Jesus Christ by every means possible. We appreciate those who read, like/comment, and share our posts on your social media pages. Please visit our blog site and we encourage you to subscribe for notifications to new posts. The blogsite is where you can read any of our past posts. There are some other resources there such as “Travel Tips” and “Simple Life Skills”. We also have some resources on our ministry website, listed under the menu item, “Resources” where you can find “Discipleship Helps” and “Ministry Helps”. You are welcome to print any of these items.

I have had some progress on my book publishing. We have gone through the first phase of publishing, the manuscript has been reviewed for publishing standards and the general editorial review. The manuscript is in the final line edit process before it goes into cover design and interior design, then into production. Perhaps we will have a book in hand in about three months. I am not sure which is the most difficult, writing a book or the publishing process. It is a lot of work. I pray many will be blessed and Jesus will be magnified by the book. God put it in my heart, and I have put it in His hands—He can do with it as He wishes. Please pray for the process. This book is the first in a book series. I have begun the second book, with the hope of its completion in one year.

Rejoicing in the salvation, which is by grace through faith, I am…

Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt

5 Replies to “Journey Update: November 2022”

  1. I give a prayer of thanksgiving for you Bro Harry and Ms Jennie as often as I can. Your ministry in Haiti has really touched me and I don’t know what to do without making careboxes for the kids (😥). I wish I could do more. I love y’all!

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