Journey of the Messiah: The Awakening (Book Info)

About the Book:

Journey of the Messiah: The Awakening is written from a first-person point of view, as if Jesus is telling His story. The life of the Son of God is told from before His incarnation in eternity, through His young life, and into His journey from the wilderness temptation to Galilee.

The story holds closely to the biblical accounts recorded in the Bible for this thirty-year portion of His life. While little is recorded of the early years, much of the journey is left to our imagination. Such moments of His departure from heaven, conception, and awakening to His Messiahship are shared in this book.

In these pages, the personal experiences of the Son of God, as the Son of Man, are explored and pondered.

Come and take this journey in the sandals of Jesus the Messiah; experience His life, listen to His voice, and hear the beat of His heart from the glories of Heaven to the dusty roads of Earth.

About the Author:

Harry L. Whitt has been married to his wife, Jennie, since 1977. She is a loving wife and retired schoolteacher. Harry and Jennie make their home in rural northeastern Alabama, in the foothills of the Appalachian region. They have two married children, a daughter (Amy Prickett, married to Jeremy Prickett, with children Emily and Tyler) and a son, (Seth Whitt, married to Lanie Whitt, with children Audra, Lizzy, and Perri).

Harry answered the call to Christian ministry in 1983 and has been active in pastoral ministry and missions for thirty-seven years. In 1994, he founded Pathway Outreach Ministries ( where he has served as executive director since its beginning. Pathway Outreach has affiliated and partnership ministries in six countries of the world.

He graduated from Auburn University (BS 1977). His graduate degrees are from Covington Theological Seminary (MTh, 2004) and (DMin, 2006).

Harry writes a weekly blog called Pathway Journey (, where his posts relate to Christian encouragement, spiritual growth, discipleship, and mission updates.

You may connect with Harry through through the “Contact” page.

Excerpt From the Book:

I remember Ima holding Me close and singing as she looked into My eyes. She sang a psalm about FATHER and His everlasting mercy and His love so deep. The melody of her voice soothed Me, and the words had an unusual sound of familiarity, like a poet listening to his own poem being read in a voice other than his own.

I felt so secure in her arms in this insecure world. Little by little, I learned to be a part of a different existence. I was so loved by Ima; she was My mother, and I was her child. Our hearts were knit together with the bond My FATHER had designed for a child and his mother. It was a bond of mutual love. My young heart yearned for her love, and My life was soothed by her touch and words. No one on earth could cause Me to rest and be at peace as My loving mother could.

FATHER truly said she was highly favored. The love in her eyes spoke volumes without a word. Her touch was so gentle, My infant soul was captivated by her presence. She was gentle but also strong, making My infant emotions feel secure. The sound of her voice to My young ears reminded Me of a distant sound, now vague but it would be louder as I grew—the comforting voice of the Spirit of God.

As I grew, she made Me soft food with blended goat’s milk and watched over Me like a hen over her chick. I noticed her looking at Me in a loving but strange way, as if she were trying to read My destiny in My eyes. I recall the hours of her holding Me close, looking into My face with nothing but adoration and love.

I had a mother, but I also had an earthly father. Abba was chosen for Me as much as Ima. I recall scenes in My memory of Abba carrying Me aloft on his shoulders. Whereas Ima had the soft touch of a gentle mother, Abba gave Me another level of strength and security. Even as a child, I could sense the strength he instilled in our family.

Many lessons of childhood would be woven into My preaching many years later. The house built on a firm foundation was carried from the many times Abba laid a foundation of stone for a home. The parable of the soils would reflect My grandfather sowing a small patch of lentils. And the woman mixing the leaven in three measures of meal was none other than Ima doing the same.

Ordering the Book:

The book is available in hardcover, softcover, and also e-book format through Kindle and Nook. You may order the book from the publisher,, or simply click the order link here. For free shipping choose, USPS Regular Mail. The QR code below will also take you directly to the book page. The book is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt

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