Journey Update: June 2022

I did a quick calculation the morning as I wrote this update, and discovered I have written some 336 or so monthly updates in the life of Pathway Outreach. It is more than meets the eye with the writing, the printing, the folding, the stuffing, and the mailing. I often struggle with the updates, because I know I need to inform our supporters of the work but then, there is the aspect of promotion, of which I am not comfortable. We rarely even ask for money unless it is for a special project. Our strategy is to stay close to the heart of Jesus, pray, let people know what we are trying to do, and ultimately put our faith in Jesus and trust Him.

The longer I have gone in this journey, the more I am dependent upon God. I found myself praying this morning that I desire to be less esteemed by men and closer to the heart of Jesus. Even though I send out a newsletter every month, I hope you sense my desire to glorify the name of Jesus above all things. This ministry is not seeking to build monuments of men, but merely to be a tool in God’s Kingdom to embody the love of Jesus to a broken world.

We praise God for His provision for the water well project in Uganda. It is fully funded! The project is planned in August. We hope to do more wells in the future, but we want to complete this one first to learn the logistics of wells in Uganda. Clean and plentiful water is a great need. We are so thankful for the generous support for this project—it was amazing!

I appreciate the folks at New Life Christian Center who provided funds that we sent to Pastor Baptiste to purchase a gift bag for all 400 students. This was to make up for the CareBoxes that were pirated by the gang in Port au Prince.

We appreciate your prayers and concern for Jennie and me during my recent heart valve replacement on May 2nd. I had the minimally invasive TAVR procedure and I am almost fully recovered and doing well. It was more of an ordeal than I anticipated but I am thankful for God’s grace. The medical staff at Grandview Medical Center was wonderful. My wife Jennie did a great job of caring for me in the hospital and at home. I hope for a full doctor’s release in June.

Our school in Haiti is finishing up a challenging school year. Everything in Haiti is difficult with the violence and insecurity. But in spite of the difficulties, our staff continues to press forward. So, as we finish one school year, we begin to look forward to the next. At the end of July, we will need to purchase the fabric for the school uniforms and order the school books. It takes about $15/student to get them started in a new school year ($150 will help 10 students). Since we will have about 400 students, this is a big project. Please prayerfully consider helping with this project. Donations of any amount need to be made payable to Pathway Outreach Ministries and note with the donation for “UNIFORMS”. You may also donate online through our website: for your convenience.

We so much appreciate your prayers and financial support. Thank you for helping us spread the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the demonstration of His love in helping the poor.

Rejoicing in the salvation which is by grace through faith, I am…

Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt

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