Journey Update: September 2022

Our schools here in America are in full swing. Jennie and I have all five of our grandchildren in school now. They are enrolled from Pre-K all the way to the 10th grade. Our school in Haiti will begin on September 5th.

Pastor Baptiste sent me some pictures of the cloth he purchased in bulk that is used for the school uniforms (see the enclosed photos). Since Haiti continues to have major unrest and insecurity, the material had to be brought from Port au Prince on a boat to the shoreline near our school. We appreciate all the folks who helped us with the uniform and book project this year.

Some of the cloth measured out, folded, and ready to be sewn into uniforms.

He also sent me some photos of the rebuild of our cooking area. The covering was getting old and a recent storm pretty much finished it off. Previously, it was wood framing covered in metal. We are building it back with concrete block which will make it cooler as well as more durable. Our feeding program at the school is very important. We try to feed them a hot meal every school day. The cost of food has greatly increased with world food prices coupled with the ongoing security problems in Haiti. All this makes everything more difficult thus more expensive. Thank you all who support our work, you keep our wheels turning!

Block masons building the walls of our kitchen.

We also try to provide a chicken leg meal at least once per month for our students. Since Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, it is very important to furnish some protein as we can. When we first began the chicken leg meals, pastor told me this was the first time in many of these kids lives, that they had one piece of chicken just for themselves. We appreciate Mary Emily Royal in Sardis City for helping with this project. She started raising money for this project when she was in middle school and now she is in her first year of college. Thanks Mary Emily and all of you who give to this project.

Our first water well project in Uganda has been completed. It supplies water for one village and the surrounding area. About 1500 plus people will get good water from this well. They had been getting water from a swamp area during the rainy season and walking about 18 miles to a lake in the dry season to get water. They were so happy and excited for the water source. Godfrey Eskola did a great job administrating this project. We greatly appreciate all those who helped with this major project. Water is a great necessity for life and a great blessing. The gift of it exhibits the love of Jesus.

New well (borehole) in Uganda.

One of our ministry partners in an Asian country oversees fifteen village churches and their respective pastors. He recently held a pastors conference for several pastors in the area. He through our assistance supplements many widows with monthly food provisions. They also have food outreaches among the homeless in a large city. We have plans to visit there in 2023.

Please pray for another one of our ministry partners in another Asian country who operates a Christian school. Life and ministry are even more difficult when you are in a Christian minority country.

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support. Rejoicing in the salvation which is by grace through faith, I am…

Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt

Pathway Outreach Ministries

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5 Replies to “Journey Update: September 2022”

  1. We thank you dad whitt and our beloved supporters for the clean,sweet and nice water through my beloved brother Godfrey eskola may God award you more and live longer

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  2. Wawooo thanks so much for the great services you offer. May God richly bless you more and more. Ministry is sometimes hard and what i have realized is that, when God sends you, He does not give you money to run it. But your starting capital is faith. That’s why He says come and buy without money. That’s what He said to me and I started an orphanage school with $30 . With 5 kids today we have over 250 children. And when pennies stopped helping us with feeding things became too tough but I thank God that we are still operating and serving the orphans and poor children in the community.

    So our prayer request is God to open a new door for feeding the children and paying the teachers.
    God bless you 🙏.

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