Journey Update: December 2022

We have entered the very busy and festive season of Christmas. This season tends to begin at Thanksgiving and flows to New Year’s Day. About this time, we exclaim how fast the year has flown. When we were children, we described time as “slow as Christmas,” but as adults, it is like a supersonic jet with jingle bells attached.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas! As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, it is important to remember that He came to bring salvation to a fallen world and broken, sinful people. Second Corinthians 5:21 (NKJV) is not considered a Christmas scripture, but the essence of why He came is illustrated with these words, “For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.”

Our students in Haiti have settled into school in spite of the country’s problems. Pastor Baptiste and the staff continue to provide stability for them. They are also being fed which is even more important now. The people are surviving the best they can. Most have been accustomed to poor conditions, but now the food is very expensive and in short supply. Pastor said they have to go early to the market to buy rice, beans, and cooking oil, because it is quickly sold out. Gasoline at the pump is about $5 USD per gallon (if I converted it correctly). If the gas stations run out of gas, the price on the black market is greatly increased by about four times.

Transportation has been greatly hampered by the control of the gangs. Leogane being on the coast has had some supply shipments by boat, but the gangs have sought to control the flow of goods by sea as well. The local banks are open only about three days per week and then only in the morning hours. Most commerce has been greatly restricted by the insecurity and violence. We are doing all we can do to assist them. Please continue to pray for Haiti.

Our ministry partnerships in other areas of the world are faithfully engaged in the Gospel of Christ. I am in consistent contact with them, and I am inspired by their diligence and love for their people and Jesus.

Our affiliated Haitian church in Albertville, Alabama (Eglise Porte Etroite) celebrated their twelfth anniversary in November. I preached in their celebration service, the last Sunday in November. The service lasted from 9:00 am until about 12:45 pm as they sing for a long time. Then they had lunch for everyone. I ate fried tilapia, rice and beans, salad, beet salad, and two types of baked pasta. Pastor Johny Pierre Charles and his wife Widliene have done a great job along with all the church. We had a full house. The church is self-supporting and thriving.

I am scheduled to preach at Cave Springs Baptist Church (near Attalla, Alabama) on Sunday, December 4th and at New Life Christian Center (Sardis City, Alabama) on Sunday, January 1, 2023. These appointments are greatly appreciated.

We appreciate your kind encouragement, prayers, and financial support. I rarely say anything about fundraising because our trust is in God to put this ministry on people’s hearts to give. Our strategy for 28 years has been to inform, be good stewards, obey, pray, and trust Jesus!

Rejoicing in the salvation which is by grace through faith, I am…

Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt

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